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    Milestone Logo
    Systematic integration of
    business risk and security strategy
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    Exceptional security,Risk Management
    and cyber intelligence services & solutions
    based upon excellence and the utmost discretion
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    International Financial investigations
    across countries and continents
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    Broad range of advisory services
    specifically designed to government agencies

Our group

Delivering global over arching solutions

With its headquarters in London, Milestone’s aim at all times is to provide efficient services for the effective mitigating and management of actual or perceived security threats, whether this be to governments, corporations or private clients.

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What we do

Operational know-how & technological proficiency

Milestone was founded upon the specialist knowledge and experience of former members of Britain's security agencies. A niche provider of international security solutions, Milestone prides itself on the breadth, quality and discretion of its services, as well as on the integrity and global reach it can offer clients.

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